Environmental Impact of Amazon Customer Returns and Competitive Sustainability Ways
Take Back-Track for example – a rapidly growing Ecommerce company whose unique business model is taking defective or customer returned products from sellers, refurbishing said products, and then helping sellers resell their products for a discount (as opposed to having Amazon resell them or throw them away). It’s a win-win because it means sellers still are able to salvage profits AND it helps reduce the unnecessary waste of discarding perfectly usable products.
Private Label Branding Strategies – Back-Track to Customer BT2C
Amazon Private Label Branding Strategies There are 2 schools of thought when it comes to branding a group of items. One method is to go the “Mega Brand” strategy where every item receives the same brand name. The other method is to have a major brand and then use a micro-branding strategy for each model or package. Watch my video and see what strategy I used and how it impacted my online sales and brand loyalty. Back-Track to Customer BT2C Back-Track sends a ton of replacement parts and renewed packages to customers everyday for our clients. We call this a BT2C (Back-Track to Customer) ticket. Great news is we’ve “SIMPLIFIED” the process dramatically and would like to show you the new way. Please watch the video for more details.
Truth – National Online Customer Returns Day is January 2, 2020
Why is January 2nd Nation Returns Day? UPS is one of the largest shippers for online retailers and one of the largest carriers for shipping online customer returns back to the retailers.  In years past, UPS considered January 5th as Nation Returns Day with the largest single day for return shipments of 1.5 million packages on January 5th 2017. However, according to UPS, things have changed including the date for National Returns Day.  In 2020, National Returns Day is January 2nd (today) with an estimated 1.9 million customer returns being delivered back to retailers on this single day. While January 2nd may be the biggest single day of return shipments, it’s not the only day customers return packages.  The entire month of January is commonly known as “Returnary” for online retailers as the entire month is a big month for returns considering most retailers offer 30, 60 or 90 day return policies during the holiday season. It’s estimated that a total of $90-95 Billion (with a capital B) worth of merchandise will be returned over the 2019 Christmas holiday season, including returns during the month of January 2020.  This is a 15-20% jump over the 2018 holiday season.  So as ...
Online Scam Targeting Facebook Users – When it’s Too Good to Be True
$179 Electric Car Did you see the $179 electric car ad on Facebook? When It’s Too Good to Be True… Something caught my attention and I wish to bring it to your attention too.  I was scrolling through Facebook like usual when an ad crossed my feed that stopped me in my tracks.  An electric vehicle for only $199. Because I have an interest in electronic vehicles, I stopped to take a look.  I’m thinking “No way can you buy a small electronic vehicle like this one for only $199”.  So, I clicked on the Shop Now button and I was taken to their online website. Right away, the warning signs started flashing, WARNING WARNING, DON’T DO IT! I’d like to say I’m smart enough to see online scams like this one but unfortunately, I’ve fallen for a similar scam only a few months  ago as I was searching for a new pool vacuum and found a deal that seemed too good to be true from a Google ad and went to the website and attempted to purchase it.  My credit card company stopped the transaction right away, but was it too late?  Did the fake company get my credit ...
$370,000 Dirty Amazon Customer Return Scam
Two men are arrested in Palma De Mallorca, Spain for scamming Amazon out of an estimated $370,000 by abusing their easy no questions asked customer return policy and one simple trick. How Did They Abuse Amazon’s Customer Return Policy? The two men James Gilbert Kwarteng (22 years old) and his partner only identified as Juan allegedly purchased expensive items from Amazon and then used their easy no questions asked “Customer Friendly” return process to initiate a return for the purchased item.  However, instead of returning the original item purchased they filled the box with dirt. The trick that helped James and Juan get away with this scam for multiple years was they would fill the box with the exact weight of dirt in the box as the original item.  Once Amazon received the return back and weighed it, the system would automatically approve the refund. Amazon customer return fraud box of dirt What Did They do with the Product? The next stage of the scam, James and Juan setup their online business to resell the newly acquired goods at a deep discount. This deeply discounted product hurts other legitimate Amazon sellers from being able to sell their products at a ...