Mission to Save eCommerce

Saving eCommerce is an ambitious goal, I agree, but in my view a necessary one. Let me explain. Over the past 26 years in the eCommerce space, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to “Connect” and become friends with the entrepreneurial community of eCommerce sellers. Driven with a desire to create their own brand, build their business and feed their families.

eCommerce is a competitive landscape where efficiency, margin control and keeping the inventory flowing are critical to sustaining a long-term and healthy business. At $743 billion per year, customer returns have increasingly become the final frontier to recovering lost profits and surviving within this competitive environment.

Traditionally, recovery has been dominated by layers and layers of liquidation companies focused on velocity and less concerned on value recovery for the retailer. This is where Back-Track is different from all the rest and why we’re on a mission to “Save eCommerce.” Our priority is on optimizing the “Value” recovered first with a balance on velocity second.

Our proprietary approach to reSELLING your customer returns and liquidations offers a top-down approach where optimium recovery across multiple sales channels gives the ability to utilize AI and deep data pools to our advantage, directing your products to the highest recovery channels. We look forward to partnering with you on your profit recovery journey!!

Brandon Dupsky - CEO

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