Our $1 Billion Mission

We’re on the mission of a lifetime and it’s worth your time to join us! 

Building 1 relationship at at time, our mission is to help online retailers reCOVER $1 BILLION in lost profits from customer returns and surplus inventory.  Yes, $1 BILLION is our goal!

At the time of this writeup, we’ve helped online retailers reCOVER $7 Million of their lost profits…and growing.  That’s a ton of dough!

Amazon Customer Returns Service
Back-Track HUB2


HUB1 is where the magic happens.  This is where your Amazon customer returns are sent and where the healing process (reCOVERY) begins.  HUB1 is a very busy place receiving 12 to 15 delivery trucks a day.  You can ship to Back-Track from Amazon FBA warehouses, eBay customers direct, Walmart customer return drop off, your website customers direct or a 3PL warehouse.

Inside HUB1, our highly trained techs receive, inspect, grade, record the inbound tracking number, Amazon LPN number, take photos and store your items waiting for the reCOVERY step.

4725 N 56th St
Lincoln, NE 68504


HUB2 is new to the Back-Track team and currently onboarding.  Will provide us with 100,000 sq ft of additional processing and reCOVERY magic.

The Dashboard

One thing that makes Back-Track different (in a good way) than everyone else is our approach to data.  We believe the more information you have at your fingertips, the better.  That’s why we created a one-of-a-kind online dashboard where you can see your customer returns in REAL-TIME as we process them.

Using our online ticket system, you can see actual photos of your customer returned product.  You’ll see our tech’s grade on the item’s condition and accessory score indicating if everything is included or if something is missing.  The ticket system gives you direct access to the Back-Track team where you can ask questions and give instructions.

Back-Track customer return dashboard
BuyBox Club Retail Liquidation Warehouse

The Retail Shop

Does it look like a box?

reSELL is one of our most popular services at Back-Track.  Online sellers LOVE IT when we send them money each month for their customer returns.  Taking something sellers once thought was a “lost-cost of doing business” is now a profit reCOVERY part of their business and it’s AUTOMATED with Back-Track.

We reSELL across many channels and marketplaces but one that’s very popular is our physical retail store called BuyBox Club.  The BuyBox Club is where local loyal customers visit often to see “What’s New” at the BuyBox Club store.

See what’s currently for sale at BuyBox Club here:  BuyBoxClub.com

The Team

Back-Track has a rock star team with some of the deepest experience you can find in both eCommerce and recovery type operational experience.  Co-founded in 2018 by Brandon Dupsky and Nestor Perez.  Take a look at their individual credentials to get the details.  Too long to list on this page.

Brandon Dupsky
Brandon Dupsky

- 23 Years reCommerce Experience - Alibaba eBusiness Man of the Year - As seen on the Entrepreneur TV Channel - UK - Largest Seller on eBay 2003 -…

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Nestor Perez
Nestor Perez

- 16 years reCOVERY operations experience - Six Sigma trained - ISO 9001 trained - Electronics repair store owner for 10 years - Dance instructor -…

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