Repairing customer return electronics can be a complicated process, but lucky for you, we made it simple!  If you don’t see the answer to your question, give us a jingle.  We’d love to hear from you!

Let’s Get Busy!

Simply send us your contact information and our friendly staff will tell you more details about pricing, products and how to get started.  NO FEE TO START!


How Does it Work?

In short, you ship your customer returns from Amazon, eBay or your website to us at back-track.  We inspect and test the package.  The item is then reNEWED, reBUILT or rePAIRED  depending on what we find.

We do our magic and then ship the product that’s ready to sell again back to Amazon FBA.  That’s it!  But if you’d like a more detailed answer, here’s our detailed how it works page.

How Much Does it Cost?

There are 3 main service levels depending on the needs of the package.  reNEW is the simplest service and costs between $2.50-$20 per package.  reBUILD is the middle service and costs between $2.50-$30 per package.  The rePAIR service is our top service where we dive deep into the product to repair defective parts and costs between $12.50-$60 per package.

We reward you for higher volume with lower prices.  It’s a win-win relationship that way.  You pay less, we become more efficient with scale.

There’s no fee to get started.  We invoice you once services are complete and make it easy to pay in Paypal.

What Type of Products do You Repair?

We have a very experienced and very talented pool of technicians ready to do their magic with your customer return electronics.  Their experience ranges from TV’s, DVD players, video game consoles, pinball machines, power supplies, headrest DVD players, car in-dash DVD players, flip down monitors, headphones, video games, scooters, in car radios, cameras, backup cameras and many many more type of products.  Too many to list here.

If you have any questions about your product.  Please send us an email and we’d be happy to let you know.

Do You Repair or Refurbish Non-Electronics?

Yes we can!  Because we also offer reNEW and reBUILD services which refurbish your product back to new without the rePAIR service, we can offer this same service for non-electronic type items.

For example: we can refurbish tools, toys, sporting goods, home accessories, small electronics and more.

How Long Does it Take?

If we have everything we need, we can process the returned product from start to finish in 1 to 3 days.  If we need to get missing or damaged parts or accessories, the processing time will depend on how long it takes to get these parts.  We can pull parts from other similar items (if we have them) or we can get parts from the factory if available.

What Kind of Guarantee do You Offer?

We know that your trust in us is critical.  If for any reason the product we rePAIRED comes back from the customer within 60 days, we will guarantee it and rePAIR the product for no charge.

Sometimes customers return items because they change their mind.  So, if the returned product comes back after our service but the return reason was not because of a defect or any fault of ours, it is considered a new return and will be processed as a new return.

Who Pays the Shipping Cost?

Our service fees are very low and we do not include the shipping cost to and from our facility in our fees.  These fees are paid for by our clients.

Good news is because our facility is centrally located in the center of the USA, the average cost of shipping is the lowest average cost possible.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

If you are shipping returns back from Amazon FBA to us, Amazon normally charges $0.50/item to ship the item back to us.

When we ship the reNEWED product back to Amazon FBA you are able to use Amazon’s DEEPLY DISCOUNTED UPS shipping fees.  The deepest discounts possible.  For example we can ship approximately 45 pounds to their Texas FBA warehouse for $14 total.  Normally that equals a small dollar amount per unit.

What is the Difference Between reNEW, reBUILD and rePAIR?

The three main refurbishing services we offer are reNEW, reBUILD and rePAIR.  They include the following steps:

  • reNEW – receive, inspect, test, clean, rebox
  • reBUILD – receive, inspect, test, clean, reBUILD, rebox
  • rePAIR – receive, inspect, test, clean, reBUILD, rePAIR, rebox

Can You Repair for Our Customer?

Yes we can.  If your customers have a defective product and you need to have us test and rePAIR it, we can do that.  This is our rePAIR-C service where we work directly with your customer.  They ship the item to us, we repair it and ship it back to them.

We will invoice you for the service and the shipping fees.  Please note: Because this is a unique service that we can not do in scale or higher quantity, the fee is higher for this one-time service than our normal rePAIR services.

How do You Handle Parts?

Handling parts can take a lot of control and we have this covered.  We have a detailed inventory control system to bar-code every part for accurate inventory control.  

Each package has a bill of materials so we know what goes into each package.  We learn what parts go into each package so during inspection we know what parts might be missing.  If we have the parts in stock we can quickly replace the missing part and complete the reBUILD of the package.

Can We Send a Part to a Customer?

YES!  If we have the parts in stock we can send them to your customer directly from our facility.

This is a great service because sometimes your customer gets a package and it’s missing a single part or a part is defective.  They don’t need to send the entire package back to Amazon FBA.  We can send them the part on your behalf.  Another win-win solution!

Do You Sell Parts?

Yes we can.  If we have your parts in stock (which we hope we do), we can offer the parts for sale on our website.  This is a great solution for your long-term customers who need a part because they lost it or damaged it over time.

If we stock your parts, we can offer them for sale on our website and satisfy your long-term customers with this service.  If we sell the part, we pay you the wholesale price for it.

Do You Buy Customer Returns?

Yes we do, sometimes.  We don’t buy everything but if you’d like to send us a list of product, we’d be happy to make you a cash offer for your customer returns if we’re interested.

Where are You Located?

We’re centrally located in the middle of the USA in Lincoln, NE.  This is a great location for quick and cheap shipping across the entire country.  Most ground shipments (the cheapest) will travel in 2-4 days to any part of the country.