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Back-Track is laser focused on recovering your lost profits from customer returns and liquidations...automatically!

Over 800 Retailers Across the World Have Selected Back-Track

The Process

Automation and a deep desire for data are the key to our plug-n-play scalable solution focused on optimization and offering the biggest reCOVERY for online retailers.


Sign-up and connect your store

  • Connect 1 online storefront or many
  • Set Back-Track as the "Return Address"
  • We use your product and shipping data to give you inbound visibility

Inspection and disposition

  • The "Fastest inspection in the industry"
  • Catch fraud and get your funds back
  • AI and deep data drive the best recovery


This is where we excel above the rest.  With a focus on optimizing the reCOVERY, we target a rapid B2C resale when possible.  On the 10th of each month, we pay you on your reCOVERY proceeds.

Your Partners

Decades of experience in eCommerce, operations, IT, and liquidation recovery!

Focused on profit recovery for online retailers.

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