SoStocked helps Amazon sellers avoid stocking out, over-ordering, or ordering too late with accurate forecasting and 360 visibility of where inventory is at. Some of their feature highlights include: automatically factoring IPI restock limits, seasonality, past stockouts, sales spikes/dips, and future marketing. You can even set up custom dashboards to keep you organized and in control.
ForecastRx precisely projects each product’s future demand by importing each product’s historic sales data combined with real-world logistical parameters. Almost 100 state-of-the-art forecasting algorithms run concurrently and combine to create the best model to project that product’s future sales.
Riverbend Consulting
Riverbend Consulting solves problems for Amazon sellers. We tackle your most vexing issues, keep your account healthy and build your brand. Our team of ex-Amazon employees, 3P sellers and experienced business consultants provide the know-how and persistence to help you win.
Environmental Impact of Amazon Customer Returns and Competitive Sustainability Ways
Take Back-Track for example – a rapidly growing Ecommerce company whose unique business model is taking defective or customer returned products from sellers, refurbishing said products, and then helping sellers resell their products for a discount (as opposed to having Amazon resell them or throw them away). It’s a win-win because it means sellers still are able to salvage profits AND it helps reduce the unnecessary waste of discarding perfectly usable products.