About Us
SoStocked is an Amazon inventory management, forecasting, and tracking software with an inventory-marketing mindset that makes managing inventory easier and more realistic. Developed by a 7-figure Amazon seller and based on extensive feedback from hundreds of sellers, SoStocked is fully customizable and fully understandable so that you can trust the numbers, fine-tune your  forecasts, and finally ditch your spreadsheets. SoStocked is fast becoming the go-to tool for Amazon sellers for inventory management.

Who We Help helps Amazon private label sellers, wholesale sellers, brand managers, and PPC agencies calm the inventory chaos. If you have more than a couple of SKUs, you’re probably a good fit. SoStocked isn’t a good fit for retail arbitrage, and they do have some limitations for sellers who do extensive bundling/kitting at this time. Though, check back because they implement new features fast and furiously.

How We Help
SoStocked helps Amazon sellers avoid stocking out, over-ordering, or ordering too late with accurate forecasting and 360 visibility of where inventory is at. Some of their feature highlights include: automatically factoring IPI restock limits, seasonality, past stockouts, sales spikes/dips, and future marketing. You can even set up custom dashboards to keep you organized and in control.


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