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“Back-Track service is good, no matter the price or other things, they can cope with it very well, recommend!” - Tiff

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Very Happy to Discover the Service!

"I highly recommend Brandon and his team. They have done a great job helping me with my returns and are extremely responsive to any issues! Previously all my unfulfilled items on Amazon were lost revenue, but now I can get a substantial amount back. Very happy to have discovered the service!" - Peter

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I Do Good Business

“I do good business with Brandon at Back-Track for many years. He is very smart business man and even more a good friend.” - Ricky

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Sincere Communication

“We got great help from Back-Track. Flexible services meet our needs. Many problems solved by sincere communication with their staff.”- Angus

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The $114.7 Billion Problem!

USA online retailers received $114,700,000,000 in customer returns in 2019 growing at 12% each year!

We estimate Amazon received $53,250,000,000 in customer returns in 2019 growing at 21% each year!

We estimate Amazon 3rd Party Sellers received $30,000,000,000 in customer returns in 2019 growing at 25% each year!

In the past, online retailers have considered customer returns as a "Cost of doing business".  This cost is killing profits and growing OUT-OF-CONTROL!  SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!

Your Customer Return Solution is Here!

Back-Track is the first "Profit Recovery" company in the USA focused on reNEWing Amazon FBA customer returns for online sellers with a full-service reBOX to rePAIR solution that's easy and quick!

Your competitive advantage is Back-Track!  Recover lost profits, produce happier customers and a build a stronger brand.

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The Reality of Online Customer Returns

  • 80% of customer returns are not defective.
  • 40-60% of customer returns are no fault of the seller.
  • Online retailers are not setup or experts in managing customer returns.

Back-Track is here to SAVE THE DAY & FIX YOUR BOTTOM LINE! 

How it Works

  1. Ship your Amazon, eBay or website customer returns to Back-Track.
  2. Our techs inspect and test the package to determine the level of service needed.
  3. We reBOX, reNEW, reBUILD or rePAIR your package depending on the need.
  4. We ship your reNEW'd product back to Amazon FBA, your warehouse or your customer.
  5. We can also reSELL your refurbished products across the Back-Track markets for you.  100% turnkey!

You see all activity on our secure online portal.  View photos, videos, tech reports and communicate directly with our techs about any item anytime.

back-track how it works

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Pricing and Services

There is NO COST to get started!  We bill you after the service is provided and invoice each week.

Our techs inspect your package and determine the service needed for each item.   Based on the need, the tech will reBOX to rePAIR the package to a refurbished or reNEW'd condition for you to sell once again.

Costs depend on the level of service needed and the type of product being serviced.  Easy products cost less, complex products cost more.  The higher volume of products you send us, the lower the cost for you.

The following table gives you a good idea of services and cost ranges.




Test Functions

Clean Unit


Replace Accessories

Repair Defective

Photos and Video of Service

Pack/Ship to Amazon FBA
(shipping cost extra)

Pack/Ship to Customer
(shipping cost extra)



per unit



per unit



per unit



per unit



per unit

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We Repair Car DVD Players - a TON of Them!

Car DVD players is our specialty and we reBOX, reNEW and rePAIR 100's of them each month.  If you have car DVD players or other car audio/video products, Back-Track is your top choice!

back-track repair noauka car dvd player

After We reNEW the Amazon Return

After we reNEW the Amazon customer return, it is ready to sell again.  Here is an example of a product we reNEW'd.

After Amazon ReNEW Customer Return

We Repair 3D Printers

3D printers are a more challenging product with many potential issues.  We dive deep into the electronics and mechanics of a 3D printer to find the issue and make them like new again.

back-track 3d printer repair

We Repair Headrest DVD Players

Car headrest DVD players is our specialty.  We repair 100's of them each month.  If you have car headrest DVD players or other similar products, Back-Track is your solution!

Xtrons HD908TG Repair

We Repair Electric Scooters and Long Boards

Sometimes the motor goes out in your electric scooter.  Allow Back-Track to fix it for you.

We rePAIR electric scooters long boards

We Repair Battery Power Stations

Don't let the juice run out on your profits.  Allow Back-Track to reNEW and rePAIR your battery power supplies.

We Repair Battery Backup Power Stations

Shipping Customer Return Products to Back-Track

  1. After your account is setup, you'll be given a special shipping address for your products only.
  2. You can begin shipping your customer returns from Amazon, eBay, your warehouse or directly from the customer to this special address anytime.
  3. You provide us an ASN (Advanced Shipment Notice) of the shipment and tracking number using our online portal.
  4. That's it.  Now it's our turn to do our magic!

Why Choose Back-Track?

Back-Track understands the URGENT NEED for value recovery and is one of the first companies to focus on solving this problem for online sellers.  Back-Track co-founders (Brandon & Nestor) have a long history (over 21 years each) of online selling and electronics repair respectfully. This is in our DNA and we love what we do!  You want people handling your product as if it was their own product.

Team Back-Track has spent over a year fine-tuning, building special technology and developing a smooth process designed specifically for online sellers, Amazon customer returns and eBay returns.

Back-Track is located in Lincoln, Nebraska grounded with the traditional Midwestern values you always hear about.  Our central location also allows for quick and lowest average cost shipping to and from Amazon FBA warehouses.

No more shipping customer returns back to the factory in China.  No more long delays.  No more customs fees or expensive freight bills.

To learn more about Team Back-Track, go here.

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Shipping Back to Amazon FBA

  1. Once your product is refurbished by Back-Track, it's "Ready to Ship".
  2. Simply create inbound shipments using the Amazon Seller Central system with Back-Track as your shipping point.
  3. Send Back-Track product FNSKU labels and UPS shipping labels.
  4. We prepare your shipment affixing the new FNSKU label and packing the product as instructed by Amazon.  Out the door it goes.
  5. You'll get confirmation the shipment is complete and photos showing exact items being shipped out.  

Back-Track Online Portal

We're LASER FOCUSED on offering online sellers a simple and easy way to track each item sent for processing.  Because there are a lot of moving pieces and parts, this can be challenging.  We've designed a secure online portal where you communicate with Back-Track techs and can watch progress on every item being processed.  You'll see photos and video of our progress and shipments.

We track serial numbers on every unit if your item has a serial number.  This is important to track and verify future returns and if the customer "swapped out the unit" before returning it for a refund.  Yes, this happens sometimes and our serial number tracking tells us exactly when it happens.

To learn more details about our customer return online portal, go here.


Let's Get Busy!

Simply send us your contact information and our friendly staff will tell you more details about pricing, products and how to get started.  NO FEE TO START!

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