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-Billion Per Year
Online Customer Returns in USA
-Billion Per Year
Customer Returns for Amazon
-Billion Per Year
Customer Returns for Amazon 3PS

These numbers are growing 21% per year!

That's a lot of 000's

The Bad News for Online Retailers (Estimates)

Customer Return Fraud 10%
Not the Seller's Fault 35%
Not Defective 70%
Sellers Never Recover Their Losses 40%

Good News...We Have Your Solution!

23 Years eCommerce + 16 Years Repair Experience @ Your Service

Call us your "Profit Partners!"

The Problem:

  • Many Amazon sellers have no option but to “Destroy” their customer returns
  • Amazon does not ship customer returns across international borders
  • It’s too costly to ship back to the factory
  • Amazon will resell your customer returns on your same listing, undercutting your price
  • Most customer returns still have 40-80% of their value
  • Every hour you “spend” working on your customer returns, is 1 hour less you “invest” in growing your  business.

BuyBox Club

BuyBox Club is leading the $115 Billion reCOMMERCE industry combining Back-Track’s user-friendly Amazon customer return services with BuyBox Club’s push to reSELL open box and liquidation products locally.

“Join the Club and Consider us Your Profit Partners”



Allow Back-Track to reLABEL, reBOX, reNEW, reBUILD or rePAIR your returns so you can reCOVER lost profits!

Great for Amazon customer returns or Amazon FBA inventory.

How it Works:

Send Back-Track your Amazon customer returns and we inspect them, share photos with you + reFURBISH your items into a reSELLABLE state again.

Then: Send back to Amazon FBA, have us ship to a new customer (FBM) or allow BuyBox Club to reSELL your items locally.


BuyBox Club Logo

Don’t destroy it, reSELL it through BuyBox Club!

Great for open box, customer returns and liquidation.

How it Works:

We sell your products through our LOCAL BuyBox Club retail store or other partner retail stores and locally online through Facebook, Wish, Craigslist local street markets and

Selling locally offers the BIGGEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!!


Sell2All logo

Allow Sell2All to plug-you-in to the largest eCommerce distribution network on the planet!

Great for expanding your reACH to LARGER MARKETS.

How it Works:

Expand your REACH by displaying your products across 72 marketplaces AROUND THE WORLD!!

You pick the markets and countries you wish to sell your products.  We do the rest for you.

We also wholesale products to local retail stores to move big quantity, fast!

What we do for you



reLABEL your Amazon FNSKU barcode for FBA


Does your item need a new box? 80% of Amazon customer returns that we receive had a damaged box. Many…


Sometimes your Amazon customer return comes back with a missing part, or missing accessory. We can reBUILD…


rePAIR your Amazon online customer return electronics to reCOVER lost profits. We have the skills!


reCOVER your lost profits from your customer returns.  100% turnkey, plug-n-play as they say.


reFURBISH your Amazon online customer returns to recover your lost profits. NO COST TO GET STARTED!


OOOOPS! You purchased too many and could use help freeing up your cash-flow. We get it! We got it!

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