amazon customer returns management service
-Billion Per Year
Online Customer Returns in USA
-Billion Per Year
Customer Returns for Amazon
-Billion Per Year
Customer Returns for Amazon 3PS

These numbers are growing 18% per year!

That's a lot of 000's lost from your bottom line profits...

The Battle for Online Retailers is Real:

  • 3PL’s are not experts in customer return recovery like Back-Track
  • Most customer returns still have 40-80% of their value
  • Many Amazon sellers have no option but to “Destroy” their customer returns
  • Amazon does not ship customer returns across international borders
  • It’s too costly to ship back to the factory
  • Amazon will resell your customer returns on your same listing, undercutting your price or tarnishing your brand
  • Every hour you “spend” working on your customer returns, is 1 hour less you “invest” in growing your  business

Over 700 Amazon Sellers Have Selected Back-Track to Help!

25 Years eCommerce + 18 Years Repair Experience @ Your Service

Call us your "Profit Partners!"

Join Our $1 Billion reCOVERY Revolution

Our Goal Is To Help Sellers reCOVER $1 BILLION
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$12 Million So Far

We've Helped Sellers reCOVER $12 Million...So Far!!

Even MORE Shocking News (Estimates)

Customer Return Fraud 10%
Not the Seller's Fault 35%
Items are Like New but Unusable Packaging 70%
Sellers Never Recover Their Losses 40%
What we do for you



reLABEL your Amazon FNSKU barcode for FBA


Does your item need a new box? 80% of Amazon customer returns that we receive have a damaged box. A…


Sometimes your Amazon customer return comes back with a missing part, or missing accessory. We can reBUILD…


rePAIR your Amazon online customer return electronics to reCOVER lost profits. We have the skills!


reCOVER your lost profits from your customer returns.  100% turnkey, plug-n-play as they say.


reFURBISH your Amazon online customer returns to recover your lost profits. NO COST TO GET STARTED!


OOOOPS! You purchased too many and could use help freeing up your cash-flow. We get it! We got it!

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How it Works

back-track how it works
  1. It’s FREE to begin and only takes 5 minutes to setup.
  2. Ship your customer returns or liquidation stock to Back-Track.  Amazon FBA unfulfillable inventory can ship to us “Automatically”.
    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • Walmart
    • Website
    • Customer Direct
    • Your 3PL
  3. Our trained techs deeply inspect each package taking photos, grading the condition and counting accessories.
  4. You can see the photos, item grade and other tech notes in our secure, real-time online dashboard.  It’s a one-of-a-kind!
  5. Depending on your wishes (business rules), we will:
    • reBOX
    • reNEW
    • reLABEL
    • reBUILD
    • rePAIR
  6. For final resolution, we can:
    • Ship back to FBA
    • Ship to a new customer directly
    • Save the parts to use in the future or ship to a customer
    • reSELL the item in Back-Track’s retail network.  100% Turnkey!

Our Fans LOVE the Back-Track Dashboard.  View photos, videos, tech reports and communicate directly with our techs about any item, anytime.   It’s “Real Time” data at your fingertips with a DEEP VIEW into your customer returns.

  • Give techs instructions
  • Ask questions
  • Send the item or part to a new customer
  • Keep the product moving or watch us push it from start to reSELL

Why Back-Track is Your Best Choice

“Starting in 2018, we are the first of its kind!  Focused on profit recovery for Amazon 3rd party sellers and other small to medium size eCommerce operations.”

Customer returns is a dirty business and takes a special type of operation to manage it well.  Every item is a “One Off” item due to a variety of conditions and accessories possible.  We specialize in measuring and managing the “One Off” business in a way that 3PL’s simply don’t have the structure or ability to do.

We’re your “Profit Partners”!  Back-Track’s leadership team consists of Brandon Dupsky, an eCommerce pioneer with over 23 years experience in the eCommerce industry.  Combined with Nestor Perez, an operations ninja with 15 years experience in operations and product recovery.

Receive Customer Returns from FBA

Receive Customer Returns from Customer





Photos/Video Documentation

Online Dashboard

Send Back to FBA

Send to a New Customer

Send Replacement Parts to Customers

reSELL in Off Channels

Brandon & Nestor on
Your Profit reCOVERY Team!

Your secret  weapon


3PL Warehouses


Back-Track is located in Lincoln, Nebraska grounded with the traditional Midwestern values you always hear about.  Our central location also allows for quick and lowest average cost shipping to and from Amazon FBA warehouses.

No more shipping customer returns back to the factory in China.  No more long delays.  No more “destroy” at Amazon FBA, watching your profits burn.

Executive Team

Brandon Dupsky
Brandon Dupsky

- 23 Years reCommerce Experience - Alibaba eBusiness Man of the Year - As seen on the Entrepreneur TV Channel - UK - Largest Seller on eBay 2003 -…

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Nestor Perez
Nestor Perez

- 16 years reCOVERY operations experience - Six Sigma trained - ISO 9001 trained - Electronics repair store owner for 10 years - Dance instructor -…

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Give us a few details in 2 minutes or less and we’ll give you a quick quote….no charge!

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