rePAIR your customer returns to recover your lost profits.  100% turnkey, plug-n-play as they say.


“Perfectly designed for Amazon and eBay sellers.”


Takes only minutes to setup.  Ship your customer returns to Back-Track (you can automate this in Amazon FBA) and we take care of everything from here.

How it works:

  1. Ship your customer returns to Back-Track’s centrally located warehouse in Lincoln, Nebraska USA.
  2. We receive, inspect and determine the level of refurbishment or rePAIR needed for each product.
    • reBOX – receive, inspect, test functions, rebox (great for simple items under $25)
    • reNEW – receive, inspect, test functions, clean unit, photo/video documentation, rebox (great for medium complexity items between $25-$100)
    • reBUILD – receive, inspect, test functions, clean unit, replace missing parts/accessories, photo/video documentation, rebox (great for complex packages with multiple accessories between $75-$500)
    • rePAIR – our seasoned repair techs are on staff to tackle the very complex task of repairing damaged electronics.  (great for electronic items between $100-$2,500)
  3. After your product is reFURBISHED or rePAIRED, you have 3 wonderful options to choose from:
    • Send back to Amazon FBA – Send us labels and we’ll relabel (no charge) and reship back to Amazon FBA for you.  Just in time for you to resell and recover your lost profits!
    • Dropship to a new customer – We can dropship your refurbished product to a new customer of your choosing.  Sell it again and give us the shipping details and out the door it goes!
    • reSELL through the Back-Track network – That’s right, let us take care of all the hard work for you.  We will list and sell your refurbished product for you and split the profits.  This is similar to our reCOVER process but with a rePAIR twist added.

Online Reporting: You will have a private login to our online portal where you can see daily activity of item processing and accounting.

“No cost to get started & no monthly fee”
Yup, we said it, no cost to get started!

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We're ready to become your customer return liquidation "Profit Partner!"  Simply send us a few details and we'll get back to you right away!

No fee to get started, no monthly fee.  That should get you excited!

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reCOVER your lost profits from your customer returns.  100% turnkey, plug-n-play as they say.


reFURBISH your Amazon online customer returns to recover your lost profits. NO COST TO GET STARTED!


rePAIR your Amazon online customer return electronics to reCOVER lost profits. We have the skills!


OOOOPS! You purchased too many and could use help freeing up your cash-flow. We get it! We got it!

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