Are Customer Returns Draining Your Profits?

Accepting customer returns is a necessary part of “doing business” as an Amazon FBA or eBay seller.  Recovering the maximum value for your inventory is a necessary part of “remaining competitive” and back-track is here to help!

Ship your customer returns to back-track (located centrally in USA) and allow us to reNEW, rePAIR or reFURBISH your customer returns into something re-SELL-ABLE once again.

Combining over 20 years of online selling with over 20 years of electronics repair experience, your electronics are in trusted/experienced hands at back-track.  We know online selling and we know electronics repair.

It’s time to rePAIR your profits today!

How it Works

While repairing electronics can be a difficult task, we’ve made the process super-easy!

  1. We give you a unique shipping address to our centrally located Lincoln, Nebraska facility where you ship all your customer returns to.  They can be from Amazon, eBay, your website or even directly from your customers.
  2. Using our specially designed back-track repair tracking system, each return is giving a “ticket #” and will be tracked every step of the way in our system from start to finish.
  3. You can login anytime and SEE THE PROGRESS of every item returned to us at any time.  You can also communicate directly with our friendly and talented tech’s anytime using the online portal.
  4. We go through an extensive process of inspection and testing each item to determine if it needs renewed, refurbished or repaired.
  5. Once your item is finished, it’s “Ready to Ship“.  You provide shipping labels back to Amazon FBA (we can help you with this) and off it goes.  Back on the shelf, ready to sell!

See, easy as apple pie!

back track amazon customer returns repair


We inspect all parts, identify broken/missing parts and test all major functions of the unit.


Item is repackaged in a new looking box with new parts (if needed) and ready to ship to Amazon FBA.

amazon customer return before repair Amazon customer return before repair amazon customer return after repair Amazon customer return after repair

Services Offered


Inspect, clean and repackage your customer returns to be just like NEW!

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Replace missing parts and combine multiple items together to re-build desirable bundles.

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Inspect, clean, repair and repackage your customer return electronics to be just like NEW!

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We Buy Amazon Customer Returns

Want to recover your value today? Allow us to quote you on possibly buying your surplus inventory and Amazon customer returns.  Maximize the speed of your return and increase your positive cash flow today!

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rePLACE Parts Quickly to Your Customers

If your customer needs a quick replacement cable, bracket or important part, allow back-track to send the replacement quickly and for less cost than shipping from China.  Keep your customers happy and they keep your product.

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Every situation is unique.  Allow us to quote a solution perfect for your needs!