The Back-Track Online Portal

The back-track online portal specially designed to manage online customer return value recovery and is your resource to keep track of all things Back-Track.

  • This is where you enter new tickets for inbound shipments or requests for us to ship a part to a customer for you.
  • This is where you see photos or video of inspections, repairs and shipments.
  • This is where you communication directly with our techs if you or they have any questions.
  • You’ll see the inspection worksheet where we list the result of the inspection and any missing parts.
  • The online portal is also where you see all final charges and be able to pay invoices quickly.

The Back-Track Dashboard

The back-track home screen is where you see all your data in one place.  The home screen is where you also start new tickets and give us advance notice of product coming in for repair.

Home Screen for back-track online portal for Amazon customer return repair.

Starting a New Ticket

There are 3 reasons to start a new ticket:

  1. Tell us about product coming in for inspection/repair
  2. Tell us to ship a “part” to one of your customers
  3. Tell us to ship repaired products back to Amazon FBA
Starting a new ticket is easy.

See Ticket Details

Once we receive the returned product.  You can watch the ticket progress on your dashboard and see the ticket details inside the ticket detail page.  See photos taken during inspection and testing.  See the ticket worksheet where we identify  the product condition, testing results and identify any missing or damaged parts.

It is at this stage that we determine if the product needs reNEW, reBUILD or rePAIR services.

See inpection photos and a list of missing or damaged accessories found during testing and inspection.

Communicate with Our Techs

You can communicate with our techs and send them photos anytime on the ticket detail page.  You will also see any communications and photos they send to you in this location.

All communications are saved and can be notified by email also.

Send our techs a message or photos anytime

Sending Product Back to Amazon FBA

Once your product has been reNEWED, reBUILT or rePAIRED, it’s ready to be sent back to Amazon FBA warehouses.  Simply start a new ticket and attach the necessary product bar code labels and shipping labels.  (We can help with this step if needed).

Sending product back to Amazon FBA is easy.

Paying for Invoices

You can see a summary of all services complete and can easily pay for many tickets in one simple payment through Paypal.

Paying for invoices are easy with 1 click to Paypal

Let’s Get Busy!

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