Online customer returns are a necessary part of selling products online.  Back-Track is quickly becoming super-popular with online sellers because we handle all the major issues such as renew, refurbish and repair services for Amazon sellers, eBay sellers, Walmart sellers and other online website sellers.

Our Advantage

Our central location (Lincoln, Nebraska) in the USA offers for cheap and quick inbound and outbound shipping to any Amazon FBA warehouse to help sellers keep costs down and speed up.  Time is money!  Faster cash-flow makes for a healthier company and a happier boss.

We combine 20 year of online selling experience across websites, eBay and Amazon with 20 years of experience repairing electronics such as TV’s, DVD players, computers, phones, video games and more to bring you’re the highest degree of professionalism and quality for every aspect of your relationship with Back-Track.  We pride ourselves in repairing and shipping your products as-if they were our own with the greatest degree of care and detail every time.

Our services are faster, cheaper and better than your current solution to the problem of customer returns, we guarantee!  What do you currently do with customer returns from Amazon?  Do you “destroy” them?  Do you wait for a large quantity and ship back to the factory?  Is the original factory overseas?  Do you hire an in-house repair technician?  In most cases, your choice to use Back-Track will be a better choice.  We can’t wait to make your business more profitable again!

Our research shows that about 80% of customer returns are “not defective”.  reNEW is the PERFECT SOLUTION for this.

reBUILD Service

reBUILD is one step above our reNEW service offered by Back-Track.  Our research shows that 80% of online customer returns are not defective and do not require a full repair.  In addition, about 10% of customer returns are missing or have damaged parts but are also not defective. reBUILD is the best solution to refurbish your customer return without paying the full cost of a repair!  The reBUILD service is exclusive and only offered by Back-Track.

Our technicians will choose the reBUILD service after the inspection finds missing or damaged parts and the testing confirms the main unit is working perfectly.  The reBUILD service is a lower cost than rePAIR so you save money whenever this scenario happens.

Here are the following benefits that you get with our reBUILD service:

  • We receive the product
  • Our trained technicians inspect the product
  • We test every major function of the product
  • Add (reBUILD) new accessories to replace missing parts
  • Clean the product of any finger prints
  • We rebox the product in a new-like box

Control at Your Fingertips, Even on Your Phone

Once setup as our client, you’ll have a secure login to the Back-Track system where you can enter new tickets for service, view open ticket photos and technician comments and communicate directly with back-track staff and technicians.  The Back-Track system allows you to keep an eye on everything but not need to get deep into the details of everything.

Let’s Get Busy!

Simply send us your contact information and our friendly staff will tell you more details about pricing, products and how to get started.  NO FEE TO START!

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The Steps for the reBUILD Service

  1. Prepare your shipment to send to us from Amazon FBA, your warehouse, a third-party warehouse, your customer or you.  We give you a unique shipping address, so we know the shipment is specifically for you.
  2. Enter a new ticket for service informing us of the inbound shipment and the tracking details.
  3. We receive the shipment and the ticket goes into the receiving/inspecting process.
  4. We inspect the product.  We check for all parts and accessories against a detailed parts list so we know if anything is missing or broken.  We track any missing parts on the ticket so you can see if anything is missing.  We also take photos during the inspection and share them on the system so you can see them anytime.
  5. We test the product functionality against all the major functions to determine if there are any defects or if the products functions normally.
  6. Because the item was “not defective” we are ready to reNEW+reBUILD the product.
  7. We add/replace any missing or damaged accessories to reBUILD the package to a complete package again.
  8. We begin cleaning, repacking the accessories and instruction manuals.  We also clean the product if necessary to remove any finger prints from prior use.
  9. We rebox the product into a new-looking box.  If the original box is reusable we will reuse it.  We will remove any stickers that may have come from Amazon FBA or other warehouse services.  If the box is damaged or not reusable, we will use a new box given by you if you require a box with marketing material and photos.  Otherwise, we can use standard white or brown boxes as well based on your choices.
  10. The item is finished and the reBUILD is done.  We will take a final photo of the finished product for you to see on the Back-Track system.  This item is then sent to “ready-to-ship” status.
  11. You give us product barcodes and shipping labels to ship the item (with other items) back to the nearest Amazon FBA warehouse.