Customer Return Story – Potty Break

Typically we don’t see a whole lot of returns when it comes to camping and recreational equipment. I worked, actually still do, at one of those huge camping supply stores.  Think stuffed bears, rows of guns, and over-priced exotic meats.

So, this one time we had a guy come back from his camping trip pretty upset. I’m not sure if he even went home first, or just came right back to the store, but boy was he upset! Apparently, during some night time adult shenanigans the young man had an unfortunate run in with a camp toilet he purchased.

Now, let’s be clear, this isn’t a sophisticated piece of machinery. It’s basically a bumper dumper! They’re not stable, at all, and are pretty much just a heave duty plastic bag stretched out over an aluminum frame, but not exactly difficult to use.

Apparently this camping aficionado put the thing together in the dark and it lacked the structural integrity to hold him upright while “dropping a grumpy”. Apparently it was a pretty emotional scene when he was bottom first thought the aluminum base and into the now used plastic holding bag.

Unfortunately for us, the customer decided that packing it all back up was impossible. Heck, he didn’t even bother emptying out the plastic bag he had already “made boom boom” in!

Instead, he bagged it all up in an even larger plastic bag! Nobody wanted to even attempt to see what went wrong with the device, since everything was now covered in a thin layer of this guys last few meals!

So we did what any respectable business would do, gave his store credit and made the new guy clean it all up!