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About Eonon

Eonon has a long history of providing great quality car electronics to the USA customer for over 18 years.  They focus today on providing high-end car in-dash video units and clamp on headrest DVD players.

They pride themselves in offering superior customer service.  Give them a try at: www.eonon.com

Replacement Parts for Eonon

If you’re looking for replacement parts for Eonon headrest DVD players or car in-dash units such as power cables, brackets, remote controls or game discs.  check out our selection of replacement parts here:

Eonon Parts

Back-Track is Authorized to Repair Eonon

After extensive training and experience, Back-Track is pleased to announce we are “Authorized” to repair Eonon car electronics in the USA.  This comes with a great deal of responsibility to understanding the finer details of what makes Eonon products great.  Quality at the source and quality all the time.

While Eonon makes a great quality product, it’s impossible to avoid, as with all electronics, sometimes things go wrong.  Sometimes things break.  Sometimes things wear out from long-term use.  That’s why Eonon trusts back-track to support their customers during this time of need.

Give us a Try!

Send in your information and problem.  If we feel it’s fix-able we’ll send you shipping instructions.


    Back-Track Can Repair the Following Eonon Products

    Back-Track has experience and training to repair the following Eonon car in-dash units and headrest DVD player units.

    In-Dash Units:

    GA2165 GA2170 GA2175 GA2176 GA2178 GA8173 GA8198 GA8201 GA8201A GA9158A GA9251B GA9263B GA9265B GA9298B GA9301B GA9365 GA9363 GA9351 GA9353 GA9349 GA9350 GA9350B GA928B GA9265B GA9253B GA9251B GA9250B GA9203NB GA9203EV GA9173K GA9163K GA9150KW GA9201B GA9201A GA9198B GA9180A GA9173A GA9166A GA9165B GA9165A GA9162B GA9162A GA9158A GA9157A GA9156B GA9156A GA9155B GA9154B GA9153A GA9151B GA9150B GA9150A GA8200 GA8173 GA8164 GA8157 GA7173 GA7162 GA2175 GA2168K GA2171S GA2170B GA2170

    Headrest Video Monitors:

    C1100A C1102 C1102A

    Car Rearview Mirror:


    Car Camera:

    R008 A0132N A0125N A0119 A0112Z

    If you don’t see your item on the list, please contact us to check.

    How to Change the Bluetooth Name on Eonon In-Dash Units

    If you’d like to change the Bluetooth name for your Eonon device, we’ve made a simple video with step-by-step instructions to do so here: Change Eonon Bluetooth Name