Amazon FBA Customer Return Reporting

Amazon FBA Customer Returns

If you sell on Amazon FBA, you already know that accepting customer returns under all circumstances is one of the “necessary evils” of doing business on Amazon.  We inspect 1,000’s of Amazon customer returns at Back-Track and our data shows that about 80% of customer returns on Amazon are “not defective”.

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As an Amazon seller, it’s extremely important you keep track of your customer returns.  You should track why customers are returning the product and how often customers are returning your products.  If a particular product is returned too often, Amazon may decide to disable the SKU from selling on the Amazon marketplace.

The purpose of this article to is dive deeper into the customer return report.

Where is the FBA Customer Return Report

You can view the Amazon customer return reports at the following link:

Amazon FBA Customer Returns Report

Note: There are two reports.  One for merchant fulfilled and one for Amazon FBA.  Please be sure you’re on the correct report.  While your options are limited, Amazon allows you to “Manage Returns” only for merchant fulfilled orders.  Amazon takes full control and manages the FBA returns internally.

Amazon FBA Customer Return Reports

NEW Amazon FBA Customer Return Portal

new Amazon Manage FBA Customer Returns Portal

Amazon just launched their NEW FBA customer return portal to offer sellers easier access, more information and a quicker way to make decisions.

One nice feature on this new portal that I noticed is the quick ability to see how many times a particular SKU was returned within 90 days and 30 days.

The new Amazon customer return interface is also more “mobile friendly”.  Note: There are still two interfaces for Amazon customer returns. One interface for FBA and one interface for seller fulfilled.

The customer return report is still the same reporting as before the new portal.  Amazon updated the portal but did not make any changes to the reporting tools as of this article.

What Does the FBA Customer Return Report Show

The information provided on the Amazon customer return report is designed to inform the seller of items being returned, orders that are affected, a link to any communication with the customer, the reason for the return, important dates, disposition, return status and actions you can take as the seller.

The merchant fulfilled customer return report can be downloaded in XML or TSV format only.  You can also break out the returns as regular returns or Prime returns if you are offering “Merchant fulfilled Prime”.

How often should you run the customer return report

The download report for Amazon merchant fulfilled customer returns will only allow you to download 60 day’s worth of returns in a single download.  You can custom change the dates and go back farther than 60 days but cannot download in larger chunks than 60 days.

It is our recommendation to download and review your Amazon FBA and Merchant Fulfilled customer returns at least every month or 30 days.  If your business has a large volume of customer return activity, it may be best to run this report every week or even every day.

Back-Track Tip: You can “Schedule” reports to auto-run on a regular schedule to save you time and have the information readily available when you need it.

The download report for Amazon FBA customer returns can run for much longer time frames and so you don’t have the 60 day window limit.  The FBA customer return report can also be downloaded in .csv and .txt formats.   We still recommend reviewing your return reports every month at a minimum.

If you’re looking for quick answers, you may view the FBA report online without needing to download it.

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