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Our Approach

Every item is treated as if it were our own.  Every customer is treated like their our only customer.  Professionalism, hard work and a deep feeling of accomplishment all part of a day's work at back-track.

Our Story

Every great business solves a problem for their customers.  As an online retailer, our customer returns were piling up, killing profits and becoming more and more difficult to send back to the factory to be repaired.

We developed a solution for our problem and then realized this is a solution many other online retailers need as well...and Back-Track was born.

Meet the Team

Our unique combination of 21 years of online selling experience with 21 years of consumer electronics repair experience brings you a degree of professionalism and knowledge about your needs matched nowhere else.

Brandon Dupsky Entrepreneur Channel back-track

Brandon Dupsky

Sales & Marketing

An eCommerce pioneer with over 21 years of hard-earned experience.

  • From building one of eBay's largest sellers
  • Featured on The Entrepreneur TV Channel UK for over a year
  • Winning Alibaba's eBusiness Man of the Year award in 2008

Brandon travels to China often and has deep knowledge and experience working with Chinese factories and online sellers.

nestor perez back-track electronics repair

Nestor Perez


A deep passion for the details and perfection when it comes to everything he does, especially with repairing electronics.  Helping to save our planet by throwing less in our landfills 1 item at a time is what motivates Nestor.

Treating every customer as if they are the only customer, hard working and enjoys being a "family-man".  Big corporation experience to owning his own small business.  An eye for the small things that make a big difference.

Let's Get Busy!

Simply send us your contact information and our friendly staff will tell you more details about pricing, products and how to get started.  NO FEE TO START!

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